Grievance Advisory Committee (GAC)


The Grievance Advisory Committee (GAC), is a procedural advisory committee. It does not adjudicate grievances. Exclusive of the ex officio members, GAC faculty members are available on an individual basis to explain grievance procedures and what constitutes faculty rights and privileges. In addition, GAC members are available on an individual basis to advise all members of the University community on procedures for charges resulting from alleged violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct. The Committee assists faculty, staff, and students in discerning whether their matter is a grievance or charge and with choosing the appropriate route for a formal complaint or grievance. Charges against Senate members are directed to the Charges Committee and grievances (Senate faculty only) are directed or to the Committee on Privilege and Tenure (P&T).

To request a confidential consultation, please email [email protected]. Unless they involve an incident that requires mandatory reporting (such as violence, danger to self or others, or sexual harassment/violence) all queries and consultations are treated as confidential.

In addition to confidential consultations, GAC advises, as needed, departmental chairs and deans on questions concerning promotion and appointment, as well as disciplinary matters. It also conducts periodic review of the grievance procedures, making recommendations to the Senate regarding required changes or modifications in the system. The Committee meets with individuals as needed and, as a committee, quarterly.


The committee consists of:

  • five faculty members appointed for up to 3 years by the Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Legislative Assembly
  • the Chair of Privilege and Tenure, ex officio (non-voting)
  • the Chair of Charges, ex officio (non-voting)

Committee on Committees appoints and Legislative Assembly confirms the Chair.

GAC meets for orientation at the start of the year. Members make themselves available on an individual basis for assignments by the committee analyst.

Chair: Christopher Anderson, [email protected]

Committee Analyst: Marian McKenna Olivas, Committee Analyst, (310) 206-2469, [email protected]