UCLA Academic Senate Elections

Academic Senate 2020 Election Results

Academic Senate Vice Chair/Chair-Elect:
         Jody E. Kreiman, Head and Neck Surgery

Committee on Committees:
Seat 3 – Humanities
         Joseph E. Bristow, English
Seat 5 – Languages/Literatures
         Willemina Z. Wendrich, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Seat 7 – The Arts
         Phyllis A. Nagy, Film, Television and Digital Media
Seat 8 – Health Sciences
         Arturo Vargas Bustamante, Health Policy and Management
Seat 10 – Social/Policy Studies
         Ian W. Holloway, Social Welfare
Seat 11 – Engineering
         Mekonnen Gebremichael, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Seat 12 – Basic Biomedical Sciences
         Alexander van der Bliek, Biological Chemistry
Seat 13 – Surgery and Related
         Maria Ines Boechat, Radiological Sciences
Seat 15 – Primary/Family Care Medicine
         Anil Sapru, Pediatrics – Critical Care

Executive Board At-Large Members:

         Margaret C. Jacob, History
         Brandon Kelly Koretz, Medicine-Geriatrics
         William L. Oppenheim, Orthopaedic Surgery
         Tara S. Peris, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences


Department Representatives for the Legislative Assembly (DOCX) can be viewed online.

divisional ELECTIONS FOR 2020-2021                       

Procedures for elections by mail or electronic online ballot in the Los Angeles Division and its agencies are governed by Senate Bylaws 30, 95, 340(A), and the following provisions: [Am 19 Jan 88, 08 Apr 03]

Annual Elections

Annual Divisional elections occur in time for relevant results to be reported to the Division in the Spring quarter. [Am 9 Oct 84]

Conduct of Elections

The Elections Commissioner supervises elections for the Los Angeles Division and certifies results to the Secretary of the Division, who reports the results to the Division. Elections by Faculties of schools and colleges are conducted by the appropriate Secretary under such supervision as the Faculty determines.

Elections Commissioner

Gregory H Leazer, Elections Commissioner, Information Studies

Senate staff contact

April de Stefano, Executive Director | [email protected], (310) 206-3803

Lena Hoang, Administrative Assistant | [email protected], (310) 825-3851