Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction (CR&J)


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The Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction (CR&J) advises the Academic Senate of the Los Angeles Division (i.e., the UCLA campus). The Committee responds to written requests from all committees of the Academic Senate, the officers of the Academic Senate, the Executive Board of the Academic Senate, the Senate Assembly; individual members of the Academic Senate and representatives of Divisional Faculties from the various Schools, Colleges and Departments on the campus; and administrators and administrative groups at all levels. 

The Committee reviews all proposed changes to legislation for conformity to the Code of the Academic Senate as represented in the Standing Orders of the Regents, the Bylaws, and Regulations of the University Academic Senate, and the Bylaws, including Appendices and Department Bylaws, and Regulations and of the Los Angeles Division. The Committee responds to requests for clarification of the jurisdiction of and the procedures by which the various agencies of the Academic Senate and the various academic units conduct their business including questions regarding who is enfranchised on personnel actions and "substantial departmental questions" (SB 55), and advises on questions of shared governance. Many of the requests received involve questions about who holds appropriate jurisdiction over a particular substantive or procedural area, and whether procedures are in conformity with the Bylaws and Regulations of the Los Angeles Division and the University.

R&J monitors, articulates, clarifies, facilitates, and enhances the procedures by which the various components of the administration and the faculty, as embodied by the Academic Senate, interact in their necessarily complex, complimentary, and multifaceted roles.



  • The Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction consists of three faculty members appointed by the Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Legislative Assembly for a term of up to 3 years.
  • Committee on Committees appoints and Legislative Assembly confirms the Chair.

R&J meets as needed.


Interactions with Administration

The Committee meets as needed with administrators. While there is no established interaction pattern with any one administrator, R&J focuses on the process and procedures by which "shared governance" is operationalized throughout the campus and within schools, colleges and departments. Within the Academic Senate, the Committee focuses on articulating and clarifying the boundaries between the various Senate entities. The Academic Senate has four sets of elected bodies (the Legislative AssemblyExecutive Board members elected out of the Legislative Assembly; and the Committee on Committees) and officials (the Chair-elect, the Chair, and the Past Chair) and numerous standing and ad hoc appointed committees. Each elected body has certain powers and responsibilities which are intended to be simultaneously complementary and independent parts of the total entity. Similarly, each committee has specific powers and responsibilities. The goal of the Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction is to ensure that the numerous interactions that go on between these groups proceed as smoothly as possible.


Committee Chair: David Blank [email protected]

Committee Analyst: Taylor Lane Daymude, (310) 825-8199, [email protected]

Senate Executive Director: April de Stefano, (310) 206-3803, [email protected]