Faculty Welfare Committee (FWC)


The principal charge of the Faculty Welfare Committee is to advise the Division and confer with administrative agencies on all matters involving the economic welfare of the faculty, including but not limited to the level of salaries, salary determination methodology, benefits, insurance, retirement, housing and conditions of employment.


  • Nine voting faculty members - elected for three year terms
  • One non-voting ex-officio member - appointed for one year term as Chair of the Committee on Emeriti Affairs
  • Two student representatives - 1 graduate student and 1 undergraduate student appointed by their respective student government agencies (votes reported separately)
  • The Chair serves as an ex-officio member of the Committee on Emeriti Affairs
  • The Chair serves as a member of the systemwide University Committee on Faculty Welfare


Interactions with Administration The Faculty Welfare Committee meets regularly with the Vice Chancellor of Academic Personnel.

The Faculty Welfare Committee meets once a month during the academic year.

FWC Chair: Carson Schutze, [email protected]

Committee Analyst: John Caruso [email protected]