Committee on Development (COD)


The Committee on Development is advisory to the Administration primarily through the Vice Chancellor of External Affairs. The Committee is charged with surveying and evaluating any development activities by the Division and its agencies; advocating direct support for human capital; recommending development policies to the Vice Chancellor and others in the Administration; and in cooperation with the administration and the Executive Board, organizing the active participation of Senate members in development projects. The Committee shall also submit an annual report to the Senate on the state of development efforts at UCLA.


  • Seven faculty members -- appointed for three-year terms by the Committee on Committees, which annually chooses a Chair and Vice from among those seven
  • Two ex-officio members -- Vice Chancellor for External Affairs and the Chair or Vice Chair of the Council of Planning and Budget.

Interactions with Adminstration. COD meets with the Vice Chancellor for External Affairs and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Development.

The Committee on Development meets quarterly during the academic year.

COD Chair: Brandon Koretz, [email protected]
Committee Analyst: Elizabeth Feller, (310) 206-2470[email protected]