Faculty Research Lecturer Recipients

Current Recipients
129th Faculty Research Lecturer, Susan Foster ( World Arts and Cultures/ Dance)
130th Faculty Research Lecturer, Michael Jung (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Loye H. Miller
The Fossil Birds of California
Shepherd I. Franz
How the Brain Works
Charles Grove Haines
A Government of Laws or a Government of Men
Samuel J. Barnett
Evidence of the Nature of the Elementary Magnet
Earle R. Hedrick
Difficulties in Logic in Mathematics
Bennet M. Allen
Glands and Growth
John C. Parrish
The Emergence of the Idea of Manifest Destiny
William J. Miller
Magmatic Intrusion, or the Rise of Molten Rock into the Earth’s Crust
Malbone W. Graham
In Quest of a Law of Recognition
Olenus L. Sponsler
Living Matter: A Molecular Approach
Lily Bess Campbell
History and Tragedy in the Mirror for Magistrates
Vern Oliver Knudsen
Modern Acoustics and Culture
John Elof Boodin
Man in His World
Harald U. Sverdrup
Physics and Geophysics
Knight Dunlap
Research in Methods of Adjustment
Howard S. Fawcett
Adventures in the Plant Disease World
Arnold Schoenberg
The Composition with Twelve Tones
Carl Epling
The Living Mosaic
Tracy Y. Thomas
The Concept of Invariance in Mathematics
William H. Chandler
Trees in Two Climates
Jakob A.B. Bjerknes
Waves and Vortices in the Atmosphere
Hans Reichenbach
Philosophy and Physics
William G. Young
Organic Reaction Mechanism with Allylic Compounds
James Gilluly
Crystal Deformation
Paul Friedlander
Research in Classics
Max Shaw Dunn
The Protein Problem
Carl Eckart
Why Study Ocean Currents?
Manuel Pedro Gonzalez
Jose Marti: An Epic Chronicler of the U.S. in the Eighties
Ralph L. Beals
The Village in an Industrial World
Carl L. Hubbs
Crossing the Species Line
Saul Winstein
Edward Niles Hooker
Dryden and the Atoms of Epicurus
Horace Winchell Magoun
The Platonic Soul and the Contemporary Brain
Harry Hoijer
The Science of Language
Donald B. Lindsley
Brain Development and Behavior
Earl L. Griggs
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Theodore H. Bullock
How Can Nerve Cells Handle Information
Louis Byrne Slichter
Gravity Observations and the Dynamics of the Earth
Gustave Edmund von Grunebaum
Islam: The Experience of the Holy and the Concept of Man
Harold K. Ticho
The New ‘Elementary’ Particles
Wolf Leslau
The Land of Prester John
Charles Henry Sawyer
Hormones and the Brain
William Matthews
The Egyptians in Scotland
C.D. O’Malley
Don Carlos of Spain: A Medical Portrait
Donald J. Cram
Molecular Intrigues and Chemical Espionage
Gerhart B. Ladner
The Middle Ages in Austrian Tradition:
Problems of an Imperial and Paternalistic Ideology
Leon Knopoff
The Continents Drift and the Earth Quakes
Lynn White Jr.
Engineering in Medieval Intellectual Life
Emil L. Smith
Molecular Evolution
Bernard Brodie
How Much is Enough? Guns vs. Butter Revisited
Isadore Rudnick
The Unusual Properties of Superfluid Helium: With Demonstrations
Robert Martin Adams
What Was Modernism
William N. Valentine, M.D.
The Metabolically Underprivileged Human Red Blood Cell
John S. Galbraith
Anti-Imperialism in an Imperial Era: A Blunt Assessment of Victorian Britain
Julian S. Schwinger
Relativity and the Common Understanding
Robert S. Stevenson
Caleronian Opera
Paul D. Boyer
How Living Cells Use Energy
David Mellinkoff
The Myth of Precision and the Law Dictionary
J. William Schopf
The Earliest History of Life: Solution of Darwin’s Dilemma
Henrick Birnbaum
Lord Novgorod the Great: Sociopolitical Experiment and Cultural Achievement
Arnold B. Scheibel, M.D.
As the Brain Grows Up and Grows Old
1986 (Fall)
Eugen Weber
French Revolutions
1987 (Spring)
Ralph H. Turner
The Paradox of Social Order
1988 (Spring)
W.G. Ernst
The Circumpacific Ring of Fire—Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics
1988 (Fall)
Peter Ladefoged
The Two Sides of Phonetics
1989 (Spring)
David Eisenberg
Protein Structure and Design
1989 (Fall)
Joyce Appleby
Clio in the Service of Patria: Writing the History of One’s Own Country
1990 (Spring)
Raymond L. Orbach
This Not—so-crazy World: Order in Randomness
1991 (Winter)
Philippa R. Foot
Nietzsche’s Immoralism
1991 (Spring)
Mostafa A. El-Sayed
On the Conversion of Solar to Electric Energy by the Other Photosynthetic
1992 (Winter)
William Oldendorf, M.D.
Changing Images of Mind and Brain
1992 (Spring)
Harold H. Kelley
The Logic of Interpersonal Relations System
1993 (Winter)
Richard P. Turco
Ozone and Life: An Impending Crisis
1993 (Spring)
Charles F. Kennel
The Plasma Physics of the Aurora Borealis
1994 (Spring)
Gary B. Nash
The Hidden History of Mestizo America
1994 (Fall)
Leonard Kleinrock
The Internet and Beyond
1995 (Spring)
Vyacheslav V. Ivanov
Indo-European Migrations: A Linguistic Reconstruction of Pre-History
1995 (Fall)
M. Frederick Hawthorne
From Mummies to Rockets and on to Cancer Therapy
1996 (Spring)
Jared Diamond
Why Did Human History Unfold Differently on Different Continents For the Last 13,000 Years?
1996 (Fall)
Judea Pearl
The Art and Science of Cause and Effect
1997 (Fall)
Margaret Galland Kivelson
From Outer Space to the Ocean Floor: Magnetic Fields in the Solar System
Michael J.B. Allen
Life as a Dead Platonist
1998 (Fall)
Kendall N. Houk
Seeing Molecules React: Computational Explorations from Cosmochemistry to Chemical Biology
1999 (Spring)
Giorgio Buccellati
The Discovery of Ancient Urkesh and the Question of Meaning in Archaeology
1999 (Fall)
Robert B. Goldberg
Genetic Engineering in Agriculture: Super Plants for the 21st Century
2000 (Spring)
Peter H. Lee
Higher Narratives in Korea
2000 (Fall)
Harvey R. Herschman
Finding New Genes, Determining Their Functions and Watching Their Expression in Living Individuals
2001 (Spring)
Carole Pateman
The Equivalent of the Right to Land, Life, and Liberty?: Democracy and the Idea of a Basic Income
2001 (Fall)
Michael Phelps
Imaging the Living Biology of our Bodies in Health and Disease
2002 (Spring)
Susan McClary
Evidence of Things Not Seen: History, Subjective, and Music
2003 (Winter)
S. Lawrence Zipursky
Building the Brain: How Nerve Connections Are Formed During Development
2003 (Spring)
Christopher B. Donnan
Moche Portraits from Ancient Peru the Center of the Milky Way
2003 (Fall)
Dr. Andrea M. Ghez
Unveiling a Black Hole at
2004 (Spring)
Dr. Margaret C. Jacob
Science and the Origins of Western Cosmopolitanism
2004 (Fall)
Dr. H. Ronald Kaback
The Passion of the Permease: From Membrane to Molecule to a Mechanism of Active Transport
2005 (Spring)
Dr. Carole B. Johnson
Didi Hamid Benengeli, Don Quijote and the Metafictional Conventions of Chivalric Romance
2005 (Fall)
Eli Yablonovitch The End of the
Semiconductor Roadmap: The Collision of Physics, Economics and Sociology
2006 (Spring)
Karen Orren
A Single French Fry: The Supreme Court and the Depletion of Constitutional Law
2006 (Fall)
Ernest Wright
Symporters: Marvelous Molecular Machines
2007 (Spring)
Stephen Yeazell
What’s Not Wrong with the Justice System—And What Is
2007 (Fall)
Owen Witte
A Delicate Balance: Stem Cells, Cancer & the Immune Response
2008 (Spring)
Thom Mayne
Heritage Transformed
2008 (Fall)
Edward L. Wright
Observing the Origin of the Universe:  A Century of Progress in Cosmology
2009 (Spring)
Gregory Schopen
The Buddha as a Businessman: Economics and Law in an Old Indian Religion
2009 (Fall)
Steven Clarke
Aging and Rejuvenation: Chemistry and Biology at Work
2010 (Spring)
Robert Winter
A Fugue and a Waltz: Performance, Technology and [Post-] Postmodern Engagement
2010 (Fall)
Seth Putterman
Fiat Lux: Light from Gas Bubbles, X-Rays from Peeling Tape, and Fusion from Crystals
2011 (Spring)
Anthony Seeger
Who Owns Music and Why Should You Care
2011 (Fall)
James A. Lake
Using Genomes to Track the Evolution of Life on Earth and Beyond
2012 (Fall)
Rodger Detels
Hang-in and Have Smart Friends – The Road to HIV Resistance
2012 (Spring)
Teofilo Ruiz
Kings and Knights at Play: Festive Martial Traditions in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain
2013 (Fall)
Richard Kaner
A Quest for New Materials: Superhard Metals, Conducting Polymers and Graphene
2013 (Spring)
Francoise Lionnet
Perilous Crossings Shipwrecks, Migrations, and the Global Pursuit of Hope
2014 (Spring)
Katherine Stone
Rupture and Invention The Changing Nature of Employment, the Vanishing Middle Class, and the Implications for Social Policy
2014 (Fall)
Uptal Banerjee
Oncogenes, Metabolism, Development, Cancer and the little fruit fly that could
2015 (Spring)
Efrain Kristal
Jorge Luis Borges On War
2015 (Fall)
J. Arch Getty
Dead Man Talking: Lenin's Body and Russian Politics
2016 (Spring)
Robert Bjork
How We Learn Versus How We Think We Learn
2016 (Fall)
Edward De Robertis
Evolution and Development from Simple Animals to Human via Ancestral Gene Networks
2017 (Spring)
John Agnew
Is There A Post-Place Politics?
2017 (Fall)
Michael Green
The Human Social Brain: How It Works and How it Goes Awry in Schizophrenia and the General Population
2018 (Spring)
Ellen DuBois
The Surprising Road to Women's Sufferage
2018 (Fall)
Jack Feldman 
Breathing Matters
2019 (Spring)
Stephanie Jamison
Looking For Women Between the Lines in Ancient India 
2019 (Fall)
Brenda Stevenson
Gifts of a Storyteller
2020 (Spring)
Michelle Craske
Anxiety and Depression