Chapter IV. Organization

Section 4. Standing Committees

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Title 6. Committees on University Community

  • (A) Membership. The committee consists of seven members. Additionally, in accordance with bylaw 45, two undergraduate student representatives and two graduate student representatives. [Am 24 Apr 08]

    (B) Duties. The committee
    (1) studies and reports to the Division concerning any conditions within or without the University which, in its judgment, may affect the academic freedom of the University, its faculty and students, especially with regard to the acceptance of University appointments, resignations from such appointments, and the reputation of the University and individual members of its faculty and student body.
    (2) maintains liaison with the University Committee on Academic Freedom.
  • (A) Membership. The committee consists of nine voting members, Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and the Associate Dean of Academic Diversity in the School of Medicine as non-voting ex officio members, two Undergraduate and two Graduate Student Representatives in accordance with bylaw 45. [Am 01 Nov 07, 9 June 08, 27 Oct 2011, 09 Apr 2015]
    (B) Duties. The committee

    (1) advises the Chancellor and makes recommendations to the Division concerning policies and programs to advance, and to identify excellence in improving, faculty diversity, including particularly the recruitment, advancement and retention of women and underrepresented minorities in academic positions; [Am 31 Jan 95, 1 Nov 07

    (2) advises the Chancellor on proposals for waivers of search for academic appointments of "targets of opportunity"; [En 31 Jan 95]

    (3) reports periodically to the Division data on recruitment, advancement, and retention of faculty from underrepresented groups and recommends any changes of policy or practice that it deems necessary; [En 31 Jan 95; Am 1 Nov 07]

    (4) in consultation with the Committee on Academic Freedom, reports periodically on the overall status of the campus as a fair and open academic environment that conforms to the letter and spirit of the University of California anti-discrimination statement; [En 31 Jan 95]

    (5) periodically administers the UCLA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion award [En 1 Nov 07, 27 Oct 2011]

    (6) maintains liaison with relevant administrative committees and councils, and with University committees concerned with issues of affirmative action and diversity; and [En 31 Jan 95]
    (7) reports annually to the Division on the Committee's actions and recommendations. [En 31 Jan 95
  • (A) Membership. The committee consists of no fewer than seven or more than ten previous Faculty Research Lecturers.

    (B) Duties. The committee has the option of naming two Divisional members distinguished for research achievement to deliver public lectures during the succeeding academic year on topics of the lecturer's choice.[Am 24 Apr 08]
  • (A) Membership. The committee consists of nine members, including the Chair of the Committee on University Emeriti and Pre-Retirement Relations and an Undergraduate and a Graduate Student Representative in accordance with bylaw 45. [Am 23 Apr 81, 9 Jun 08]
    (B) Duties.
    (1) The committee advises the Division and confers with administrative agencies on all matters involving faculty welfare, including but not limited to the level of salaries, salary determination methodology, benefits, insurance, retirement, housing and conditions of employment. [Am 9 Jun 08]
    (2) In consultation with the Chair of the Division, the committee sets a calendar at the beginning of each academic year for the preparation of reports and studies to be presented to the Division, the University Faculty Welfare Committee and administrative agencies in time for appropriate consideration and implementation.
    (3) The Chair serves as an ex officio member on the Divisional University Emeriti and Pre-Retirement Relations Committee.  [Am 9 Jun 08]
    (4) To assist in carrying out its functions, the Committee may
    (a) appoint ad hoc committees of faculty members to make use of specialized knowledge and competence; and
    (b) with the approval of the Chair of the Division, employ such consultants as may be needed. [Am 23 Apr 81]
    (A) Membership. The committee consists of the ten members: Five ex officio members, the Chair or a member of the Committee on Faculty Welfare, the President, President-elect, Past-President of the UCLA Emeriti Association as well as the Chair of the Emeriti Welfare Committee of the UCLA Emeriti Association, and five appointed members, at least two of whom should be emeriti. [Am 14 Mar 89, 29 Oct 91, 9 Jun 08]
    (B) Duties. The committee

    (1) maintains communication with emeriti in order to determine and recognize their interests and needs as members of the academic community, and is responsible for informing the Office of the Chancellor and the Los Angeles Division of the Academic Senate about matters of concern. [Am 14 Mar 89]

    (2) maintains active communication with those members eligible for retirement on retirement matters. [En 27 May 97]

    (3) The Chair serves as an ex officio member on the Divisional University Faculty Welfare Committee. [Am 14 Mar 89, 27 May 97, 15 Nov 05, 9 Jun 08]
    (4) maintains liaison with the Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center, which keeps and maintains current centralized records of all emeriti members of the Division, and with the Committee on Faculty Welfare on pre-retirement matters, and reports to the Los Angeles Division of the Academic Senate on these matters. [Am 14 Mar 89, 27 May 97, 9 Jun 08]

    (5) is responsible for recommendation of conferral of emeriti status for
    non-Senate academic retirees; [Am 14 Mar 89, 27 May 97, 9 Jun 08]

    (6) is responsible for initiating, editing, and circulating commemorative statements for deceased members of the Los Angeles Division and for such non-Senate members as the Chancellor or the President may request. The committee may appoint appropriate subcommittees to prepare the Memorial Resolutions. [Am 27 May 97, 9 Jun 08]