Chapter IV. Organization


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  • 55 (A) Membership

  • (1) Ex Officio Members. President of the University, Chancellor at UCLA, Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of the Los Angeles Division, and voting members of the Division's Executive Board. A member the Legislative Assembly may not serve concurrently in more than one ex officio capacity, nor as an ex officio member and an elected member. [Am 13 Apr. 82, 14 Mar 89]

    (2) Representatives in the Legislative Assembly are elected in accordance with Divisional Bylaw 150(C) to represent constituencies as follows: Each one-department professional school and each department in other schools and colleges shall elect from among its voting Senate members one representative for each 20 Senate members, or major fraction thereof, except that the Departments of Aerospace Studies, Military Studies, and Naval Studies shall be allocated one representative to the Legislative Assembly among them. Otherwise, every academic department with 30 or fewer Senate members is allocated at least one representative. The allocation of representatives to be chosen by each Senate Electoral Committee is determined at the time of the election by the Elections Commissioner. [See Appendix I, Scale of Representation in the Legislative Assembly] [Am 27 May 86]

    (3) Each department may designate alternate representatives to the Legislative Assembly. In the uncontested absence or disability of the department representative, the alternate shall assume the rights and obligations of the representative until such a time as the representative can resume duties. [En 24 Apr 08]

    (4) Administrative officers who hold Academic Senate membership conferred by Regental Standing Order 105.1 shall elect a representative or representatives from their number, according to the allocation formula set forth in (2) above.
  • 55 (B) Term of Elected Members

  • The term is three years beginning on September first. Terms of elected members are staggered. If an elected member resigns or is unable to complete his or her term, the Secretary of the Division is notified and an election of a replacement to complete the term is conducted by the Senate Electoral Committee concerned within 15 days. Procedures for such elections are determined by the Senate Electoral Committee in conformity with Senate Bylaw 55. [Am 14 Mar 89]
  • 55 (C) Organization

  • The Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of the Division are Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of the Legislative Assembly. Consonant with the Bylaws of the Senate and the Division, the Legislative Assembly may adopt rules of procedure to expedite its business. One third of the members, exclusive of the President, is a quorum. Any existing vacancies reduce the total number of members for purposes of a quorum.
  • 55 (D) Rules of Order

  • All meetings of the Legislative Assembly are governed by the procedures specified in Divisional Bylaw 135. A roll call vote on any matter before the Legislative Assembly must be recorded in the minutes upon the request of any Assembly member present.
  • 55 (E) Meetings

  • Meetings of the Legislative Assembly shall be scheduled as specified in Divisional Bylaw 130(A) and (B).
  • 55 (F) Calls and Minutes

  • Calls and Minutes of the Legislative Assembly are distributed to all members of the Division according to the procedures prescribed in Divisional Bylaw 140.
  • 55 (G) Privilege of the Floor

  • (1) Any member of the Academic Senate who is not a member of the Legislative Assembly may attend its meetings and have the privilege of the floor, including the right to make motions, but may not second motions or vote. Each Inter-disciplinary Degree Program (IDP), and each Department not otherwise represented, shall normally designate a Senate member to attend in this capacity. The Legislative Assembly may invite to its meetings, and extend the privilege of the floor, to administrative officers or such other persons as are concerned with the subject under consideration. [Am 25 Apr 95]

    (2) Students are invited to attend meetings of the Legislative Assembly as observers on the following basis: All students who have been designated as representatives to standing committees of the Division and whose names have been appropriately filed in the Executive Office as stipulated in Divisional Bylaw 45(E), and an additional five undergraduate students designated by the Commissioner of the Academic Affairs Commission and five graduate students designated by the President of the Graduate Students Association. Permission to attend meetings as observers is limited to those students certified to the Chair of the Division by these student body officers at the beginning of each quarter. Observers have the privilege of the floor, including the right to make motions, but they may not second motions or vote. When necessary, the Chair may convene an executive session from which students are excluded.
  • 55 (H) Duties

  • (1) The Legislative Assembly is empowered to act in all matters for the Los Angeles Division, subject to the provisions of Divisional Bylaws 120 (Modification of Legislation), 140 (Agenda and Minutes), 145 (Resolutions and Memorials), and 155 (Mail Ballots).

    (2) Members of the Legislative Assembly shall report regularly to their constituents, preferably at Department meetings, on actions by and proposals before the Legislative Assembly, and shall actively seek their input and advice. [En 25 Apr 95]