Academic Senate (with aerial photo of campus in background)
Photograph 2003 by Alan Nyiri, courtesy of the Atkinson Photographic Archive.

Elections: Nominations will be managed through the Academic Senate's Web portal at the following link: ATmySenate

Annual Elections

The Annual Divisional elections occur in time for relevant results to be reported to the Division in the Spring quarter.

Conduct of Elections

The Elections Commissioner supervises elections for the Los Angeles Division and certifies results to the Secretary of the division, who reports the results at the last Legislative Assembly Meeting of the year in June.  

Elections Commissioner: Prof. Thomas Schwartz, Political Science

Senate staff contact:

Estrella Arciba            310.825.1162 or
Christopher Jados     310.206.3802

2016-17 Special Election Schedule

Notice of Election                                                                                                                         November 18, 2016
Nominations due for Executive Board members January 19, 2017
Notice of LgA Meeting sent w/ Executive Board nominees February 09, 2017
LgA meeting, Special Election of Executive Board Members February 16, 2017


2016-17 Open Seats and Requirements

- At-Large Members of the Executive Board (4 open seats)

Requirements: Nomination form with 3 endorsements exclusive of the candidate and Service Summary