Academic Senate (with aerial photo of campus in background)
Photograph 2003 by Alan Nyiri, courtesy of the Atkinson Photographic Archive.

Grievance Advisory Committee (GAC)

Committee Members 2016-2017

Stuart Banner, Chair
Susan Ettner
Harley Kornblum
(Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences)
Stephanie White
(Integrative Biology & Physiology)
Alistair Cochran
(Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)
Chair of Privilege and Tenure
Clyde Spillenger
Chair of Charges

Contct the Committee through the Chair or staff.

Committee Charge

The Grievance Advisory Committee, exclusive of the ex officio members, advises faculty on grievance procedures concerning their rights and privileges and advises all members of the University community on procedures for charges resulting from alleged violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct. It consults, as needed, with departmental chairs and deans on questions concerning promotion and appointment, as well as disciplinary matters. It also conducts periodic review of the grievance procedures, making recommendations to the Senate regarding required changes or modifications in the system. The Committee meets with individuals as needed, and as a committee, quarterly.

Grievance Advisory Committee (GAC) is primarily advisory for complaints against faculty and/or administration that may be directed to the Charges Committee or to the Committee on Privilege and Tenure (P&T). The Committee advises the faculty members on how to proceed with a grievance (such as lack of compliance with applicable procedures regarding personnel actions) or a charge (such as a violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct) and which standing committee (Charges or P&T) is appropriate. The Committee assists faculty, staff, and students in choosing the appropriate route for a formal complaint or grievance and advises in the preparation of the complaint.

Anyone wishing to speak to a counselor is encouraged to contact the Academic Senate Office Staff : Marian McKenna Olivas; or 310-206-2469. The main office number is: 310-825-3851.


The committee consists of five faculty members appointed for up to 3 years by the Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Legislative Assembly; the Chair of Privilege and Tenure, ex officio; and the Chair of Charges, ex officio. Committee on Committees appoints and Legislative Assembly confirms the Chair.

Committee Service: If you are an Academic Senate member and have an interest in serving on this, or any other Academic Senate committee, please take a moment to indicate your preferences for service on our Committee Volunteer Form.

By actively participating in Senate Committees, we ensure that academic and administrative decisions are informed and enriched by broad faculty input. Thank you for your interest in shared Faculty Governance.