Committee on Academic Personnel

UCLA Royce Hall


Reserve Council on Academic Personnel

Charge: A Reserve Council on Academic Personnel will be established for each academic year. The Reserve Council will make decisions on CAP cases involving active CAP members.   The Reserve Council will be composed of 4 regular members, with 3 serving on any given case. Reserve CAP members must have served on CAP (for at least two complete academic years). Reserve CAP service will be for one year (coinciding with the CAP annual membership cycle) with the possibility of re-appointment.

Appointment: The Chair and the Vice-Chair of CAP will recommend the four Reserve CAP members to the Committee on Committees for approval and appointment. The choice of which three members will serve and who will serve as chair will be made by the Chair and Vice-Chair of CAP (or a designated Council member if either the Chairís or Vice-Chairís case is being considered). Their choices will be based on the expertise needed to judge specific cases. The Reserve CAP procedures will be as nearly as practicable the same as those currently employed by CAP, including the option of appointing ad hoc review committees.  The Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel will be consulted when a Reserve CAP is appointed.