Committee on Academic Personnel

UCLA Royce Hall


Recusal Policy

(reviewed by CAP members and revised April 2002)

There are occasional cases in which CAP members will recuse themselves, even if they did not vote in the department.  The guiding principle in a recusal is whether the CAP member is unable to consider the case fairly or, given the circumstances, it is likely that a reasonable person in the same circumstances would be unable to consider the case fairly.  Cases in which a recusal is appropriate could include circumstances where a CAP member has close ties to the candidate or where the candidate has specifically requested the recusal of a CAP member.  Because of the importance of the expertise and experience that each member of CAP brings to our deliberations, members should not recuse themselves unless it is warranted by the criteria indicated in this paragraph.

Members who recuse themselves from voting may or may not restrict their participation in discussion depending on the circumstances.  Typically, however, the members will not be precluded from contributing factual information about the case

A CAP member should disclose to CAP any circumstances that could bear on the member's disinterestedness in judging a case, even if, in the member's judgment, the circumstances are not sufficient to warrant recusal.